As this plugin is bound to the lifecycle of the deb type, one would define her artifact like:

<project ...>

The plugin is activated in the <build> section, take care not to forget to enable extensions:


Control file field values

When there's no Debian control file available in the DEBIAN folder, a control file will be generated based on the values in following table.

Field name config parameter default value
Package packageName ${project.artifactId}
Version version ${project.version}, for SNAPSHOT versions, SNAPSHOT is replaced with a timestamp
Architecture architecture all
Installed-Size none calculated
Maintainer maintainer the first developer from the developer list or else the system property
Description descriptionSynopsis ${}
description ${project.description}
Homepage homepage ${project.url}
Section section
Priority priority
Depends depends

Config files

When there is no Debian conffiles file available in the DEBIAN folder and there are files marked as such using an attribute expression, the conffiles file will be generated.