STM8 linux Recipes


Some ST 8-bit microcontroller recipes that could be useful for someone trying out these surprisingly powerful devices.

These STM8 recipes are the result of my journey into STM8 programming on linux. They all implement 1 thing so I can use it as a reference when needed in a more complex setting.

Feel free to use them however you like as they are released into the public domain.


These recipes work out-of-the box with what I think is the cheapest STM8 board available, the STM8S103F3P6 boards that can be bought via the well known cheap channels for about € 0,60.

STM8S103F3P6 board

The same sites also sell dirt cheap programmers for less than € 2,00 but any ST-Link V2 should work.

The recipes are usable on any platform, with any toolchain. But if you want to build, flash and run these little programs as they are presented, you need the tools below.